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trip to he Cambodia Mask Project @ the plantation

40 different artists were each given the exact same paper machie mask. Masks are up for silent auction and proceeds will go to fund different art initiatives in Cambodia.

DP Gallery tour 3

Last trip to the art galleries for the year to see  1. the murals french artist “seth” did 2. the 20x 1 exhibition at the institute francais highlighting 20 of cambodias most renown artists 3. exhibition by cambodian artist “sera” 4. “proud and loud” exhibition @ metahouse 5. Java art cafe (for lunch!!)


Niscs first ever Creativity Night sponsored by the student council was a smashing success. A night full of art, videos and performances. Congratulations to all the winners! Highlights include a giant expressive portrait, an exquisite dress made of newspaper, provocative posters, breakdancing, soulful voices… and more more and more!

MRISA CX Arts Festival- Hanoi

This year the MRISA CX was hosted at UNIS in Hanoi, Vietnam from 3-5 May.  Each year small groups of students from the 8 MRISA schools join together to experience the arts; dance, music, drama and visual artists and teachers share their expertise with students in multiple workshops over the course of three days.  The days were spent taking different workshops, exploring ones creativity and making new friends. Examples of workshops included; graffiti, world-drumming, popular dance, t-shirt making and stomp. In the evening students either got on stage themselves or watched their peers and professionals perform. This year’s participants from NISC were: Saerom Yang, Aspasie Song, Hyeok Keun Choi, Yujiin Choi, Jome Suwannarat, Sophie Ahn, Tanya Ahn, Sentosa Mam, Joobin Lee, Thuchindra (Putree) Ly, and Fahed Sharaf.

“I will definitely attend next year, this was fun.”  ~HK

“Can’t I come back next year and go to CX?”  ~Jome

For more images or a look at what else happened during the Arts Festival please check out the website:

Senior AP art exhibition

6PM: The future of Cambodia’s contemporary art lies in our youth. Northbridge International School brings the work of 4 graduating art students: R. Thamshivasakti seduces us with flowing oil paintings of our natural world. J. Suwannarat lets our imagination wander with his stylized interpretations of animals. Nin Men amazes us with expressive colorful acrylic portraits. While, T. Sirichindakul, makes us look twice at the form of the human figure depicted in black & white.

For more pics go to the AP/12 page

Creativity Night!!!

Auditions coming up April 27!! Bring out ALL your creative talent. Check out the animation we all made and link to our FB page.

Gallery tour #2

DP and AP students took to the streets again to see whats on in Phnom Penh’s contemporary art scene. Galleries visited on this tour; Top arts, The plantation, No problem house (featuring Christies auction), and Java arts. We were able to speak to the some artists themselves and see a wide variety of work. To see more pics go to the gr 11/DP or 12/AP page.

24 hour run/mural fundraiser

To learn more about the event and/or donate click here. Thanks to Mr Dan for organizing teis fab event and Joo Bin and Fuji for planning/designing our mural!

Grade 12 Mural project

Some dedicated seniors have been working late into the night on big bold colorful portraits of the class of 2012. First six portraits were completed this Friday. – More to come soon!

Whole school collaborative animation! Sneak peak at some of the frames…

Mandala making with gr 12 psychology

The grade 12 psychology students got together to work on powder mandalas on the floor. Mandala making is an ancient and sacred art form in many traditions including Hinduism and Buddhism. After much effort and labor the students learned three very important lessons; 1. The joy of collaboration 2. the importance of appreciating the process and finally 3. the impermanence of all things. Thank you Mr. Francisco for letting me be a part of it!

PHNOM PENH exhibition of NISC student work- opening Nov 21!

Mini gallery tour

The 11th and 12th graders took a tour to three local galleries in Phnom Penh to see the work of some contemporary artists and practice writing art critiques. One of the artists (featured below), was even in his gallery to answer questions.

The galleries/exhibition included on the tour were:

French cultural center- artist Theo Vallier

Phnom penh 2058

Sa Sa Bassac Gallery- artist Kong Vollak

Field trip to local Wat

The grade 12 took a trip to a Wat near our school for some on-site life drawing (and entertaining the children around)

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