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Unit 1- Collaborative mural

Unit question: Can a single piece be both idividual and collaborative?

AOI- Community and service

For this unit we will be creating a group mural as a class.

In order to do this we must first become experts at the gridding technique and paying close attention to value. We will practice using our faces.

Artists that are famous for their use of grids:

Chuck close

Robert silvers

Value and pattern portraits inspired by Chuck close


Working on the final project

Final murals of Phnom Penh!

royal palace 1

Royal palace 2

“I am very satisfied how my piece turned out. This is because of the strategy I used to create this painting which is using layers, and overlapping with acrylic paints… To assure a successful result , I tried to make sure I would check with my teamates to make sure it fits and matches up. The challenges I faced while painting my piece was trying to make a steady and straight line across my painting. It was hard to do this, but I just had to try and be focused and steady while doing it. Another challenge was to paint dark blurry trees in the back. To overcome this challenge, I used a fan brush which made it much easier to create blurry trees.”- Savannah Moller Gr 8

“In art class I did a painting of one part of the royal palace with acrylic…I learned that acrylic paint dries really fast and after the painting is dry it dries darker.” Kim Hour San, Gr 8

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