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Unit 2- abstraction


leaf by Ngy

seed pod by Rotha

pine cone by Sury

flower by Sothea

ipod cables by Jasmine

Bouganvillia by Atif

basket by Melanie

shell by Kim Huong

feather by Poleak

shell by Hyeong gyu

cabbage by Christina

corn by Savannah

shoe by David

rose by Nigale

Abstraction- reflection

Explain your process.

Explain your artistic choices eg. What did you choose to do an abstraction of why? Which color scheme did you choose and why? which of your compositions did you choose and why?

Are you satisfied with your final piece? why or why not? Did you achieve what you intended? What are the strengths and weaknesses?

If you were to do this again what would you change or do differently?

What did you learn?

What are the pros and cons of oil pastels? What tips would you give someone who was considering using them?

What feedback did you receive and how did you use it?

It is important to look at each others work; name one student who’s work you think turned out successful and why?

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