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Unit 1- mixed media

“Are we to paint what’s on the face, what’s inside the face, or what’s behind it?”– Pablo Picasso

First, it is important to get a strong foundation in portraiture and the proportions in the human face. Practice drawing your partner paying special attention to the location of diff facial features.

Practice drawing yourself in a mirror. This time also pay attention to light and shadow.

As promised here are the names of some of the artists I covered in the class sideshow. This list is just if you are stuck. You can of course choose any artist you like to research (I would love to learn of more Khmer artists, since I am new).

Artists that create portraits:

Rembrandt did many portraits throughout his life. By looking at his work you can almost watch him get old. Van Gogh also painted himself over 20 times, however most of these self-portraits come from a short difficult period of two years in his life. For Frida Kahlo, portraiture was a kind of healing process, a way for to her to work through difficult times. Picasso’s self portraits are also very interesting to look at and compare, as his style changed so much throughout his life.

Van Gogh

Frida Kahlo



Artists that use mixed media or surprising media:

Vik Muniz

Link to video of Vik Muniz is Vik Muniz’s official website, makes sure to check out the library where you will find articles by our about the artist, such as this interview.

Damien Hirst

Robert Rauschenberg

Zac Freeman- is a modern artist that uses junk to create his portaits

Our final portraits

by shogo

by Joobin

by Tita

by Rosavid

by Lyly


by Jihoon

by Fahed

by Rachana

by Tevy

by Brendan

by Monita

by Amaraa

by Ratanak



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