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Unit 4- Figure drawing

“Draw lines, young man, and still more lines, both from life and from memory, and you will become a good artist.”-Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Over the course of this unit we will be doing several life drawing sessions. The poses will range from 2-20 minute poses; from quick gesture drawings to longer more detailed drawings including shadow and light.

Life drawing

Human figure in art history; The human figure has been a subject in art throughout history How we depict the human figure has changed a lot throughout time.

Leanardo Da Vinci– spent a lot of time perfecting his figure drawing and learning anatomy. He actually performed dissections of corpses to better understand the human body.

Micheal Angelo– Also a rennaisance artist and Leonardo’s rival. Known for his depiction of the figure (among many other things)..

Edgar Degas- Known for his many paintings/drawings of ballerinas. relied both on life drawing and photos – yes by this time the camera was invented! Captured models in action

Alphonse Mucha– more modern artist. Part of the decorative art Neuvou movement. He too spent a lot of time on figure drawing which then led to many of his final painting. Mucha paid specially close attention to folds in cloth and hair.

Kehinde Wiley- modern artist that re-invents classic portraits, portraying black males rather than the original white models. Often times posed basketball players, in female classic poses

Life figure drawing in class

Poses ranging from 20 sec- 20min (quick gesture drawings to detailed pieces with shading)


by Fahed

by Raymond (yet to be fired)

by Fuji

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