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Grade 12/AP


Gallery tour 3

Last trip to the art galleries for the year to see  1. the murals french artist “seth” did 2. the 20x 1 exhibition at the institute francais highlighting 20 of cambodias most renown artists 3. exhibition by cambodian artist “sera” 4. “proud and loud” exhibition @ metahouse 5. Java art cafe (for lunch!!)

Senior AP art exhibition

6PM: The future of Cambodia’s contemporary art lies in our youth. Northbridge International School brings the work of 4 graduating art students: R. Thamshivasakti seduces us with flowing oil paintings of our natural world. J. Suwannarat lets our imagination wander with his stylized interpretations of animals. Nin Men amazes us with expressive colorful acrylic portraits. While, T. Sirichindakul, makes us look twice at the form of the human figure depicted in black & white.

Mini gallery tour

The 11th and 12th graders took a tour to three local galleries in Phnom Penh to see the work of some contemporary artists and practice writing art critiques. One of the artists (featured below), was even in his gallery to answer questions.

The galleries/exhibition included on the tour were:

French cultural center- artist Theo Vallier

Phnom penh 2058

Sa Sa Bassac Gallery- artist Kong Vollak

Field trip to local Wat

The grade 12 took a trip to a Wat near our school for some on-site life drawing (and entertaining the children around)

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