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Unit 1- printmaking

What methods can we use in order to repeat and experiment with one image?

AOI- human ingenuity

Here are the names of the stencil artists/ printmakers I introduced in class.

Andy Warhol


Shephard Fairey

Dividing our faces into positive and negative shapes

Enlarging our initial sketches (thank goodness for technology)

Let the fun begin!! (spraying our stencils)

Finished stencil prints!

Linoleum prints (based on different countries)

America by Nakita

Thailand by Poty

China by Jason

Cambodiia by Kanika

Egypt by Godwin

Brazil by Brendan

Italy by Andy

Vietnam by Nana

And last but not least silkscreening! The grade 9 learned 3 different print making techniques this term. All of our designs revolved around the theme of peace (since we were creating them during our peace day celebrations).

working in teams..

Final prints

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