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On this page I will be posting both links to cool new modern artists worth checking out, as well as links to art history sights. The goal is both to help you with your research and to inspire!

SARA BLAKE A great link including an interview and a video of her process.

KaSSandra– surreal pieces achieved through photomanipulation

Francois Nielly– vibrant paintings done all with a palette knife!


Since out trip to France was not possible, why not visit this site and take a virtual tour of the louvre!

Ben Tour-













Sagaki Keita– fun whimsical doodles! (links well to re-inventing the past too!)

Sagaki Keita illustration art Sagaki Keita illustration art

Benri Valenta– fun with character design & recycling

MinJae Lee– Korean mixed media artist (mostly portraiture)

Markers and acrylic paint by Minjae Lee

David Choe

Exciting new artist using a wide range of styles and medias

Amazing hand drawn animation (similar to flip book style)


And more impressive street art

Erika Iris Simmons- uses found/donated materials such as cassette and video tapes and old books. Nice choice of medium to help communicate message.

amazing Ukrainian sand artist who tells the history of her country in this performance art piece.

In action (Kseniya Simonova)

In action (Kseniya Simonova)


http://www.juxtapoz.comgreat site for funky modern artists great website with links to museums, artists

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